• Rustproof and durable
  • Genuine size and thickness used to give best results
  •  Available in various sizes with SAYA logo embossed on each clip
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Extra Small Binder Clip, Pack of 12

Extra Small Binder Clip

SayaExtra Small Binder Clip 12
320.40 285.60 252.60 229.20
Small Binder Clip, Pack of 12

Small Binder Clip

SayaSmall Binder Clip 12
366.12 338.40 316.80 278.40
Medium Binder Clip, Pack of 12

Medium Binder Clip

SayaMedium Binder Clip 12
549.24 506.28 468.72 435.48
Large Binder Clip, Pack of 12

Large Binder Clip

SayaLarge Binder Clip 12
823.80 780.60 736.68 687.12
Extra Large Binder Clip, Pack of 12

Extra Large Binder Clip

SayaExtra Large Binder Clip 12
1281.48 1227.84 1176.60 1143.84
XXL Binder Clip, Pack of 12

Extra Large Binder Clip

SayaExtra Large Binder Clip 12
2059.44 1980.24 1897.08 1812.24
  • Made of high-quality Stainless steel giving it the best grip for securing loose papers
  • Use most frequently in schools, offices, banks, shops, etc.
  •  Ideal to combine loose papers firmly without punching & piercing of documents
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Buy Binder Clip Online at Best Prices in India

The versatile and handy Binder clips, we offer you, help lessen the clutter and restore order to your office. These are designed to keep your papers and documents together for you to access the right document as and when you need, without wasting any time. We avail you with a wide assortment of appropriate binder clips from trusted brands to select from. Available in different sizes and colours, these high quality clips have been designed to work across various strength levels so that you can find the best ones for your specific use.

If you have only a few sheets to hold together, even a standard paper clip works fine, but in case you have a bigger bunch of papers that requires a safer and longer lasting hold, opt for any of these sturdy binder clips. Its heavy duty prong fasteners let you bind thick paper bunches temporarily. Order online to buy this amazing product at wholesale prices.